Into the world of freelance

The past year has been some what of a whirlwind, I left my design job in children's wear of almost 6 years to embark on a new career in Interior Design. I felt like I just needed a change, it was time to try something new. I spent just over 6 months working at an interior design agency which was incredible, I loved it but I had this feeling of trying to go it alone that I just could not kick.

So back in February I left the security of a full time job and went on my own. The first month I spent selling things on eBay, clearing some clutter and trying to pull together enough to pay the bills. I also went to see my Mum in Wales which was a rare luxury and got to spend some quality time with her. March and April flew by, I had some kids wear and graphic design projects on while also making all the decorations and organising our wedding which was at the beginning of May. 

I'm now just starting to think about my own branding, re-designing my website and trying to design some products of my own to sell. So watch this space!

All in all it's a very exciting, if not slightly daunting time and there is so much for me to learn... like trying to figure out how to let people know that this little website is even here!