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Lisa Claire Stewart Flower Peony Coral Pink

Hello all and welcome to my new blog. I used to blog a lot, sharing my inspiration and adventures but over the past couple of years life has gotten in the way and I haven't kept up with it. This has mainly been due to a full time job, house renovation and caring for my grandfather who sadly passed away earlier this year.

I thought I would start with a photograph of one of my favourite flowers - Peonies. These beauties were bought from a flower stall in Truro, I couldn't resist the delicate neon coral pink petals. I am totally obsessing over our new garden at the moment, spending lots of time in the garden centre trying to decide which plants would survive our hill top location.

Also, Gardener's World has become a TV favourite as I love learning garden secrets. I'm still learning how to put together different plants to provide all year round colour and how to plant them. Sometimes I have underestimated how big they will get and sometimes the flower colour hasn't quite been as I imagined which leads to an interesting looking garden.

I'll share some pictures of our garden transformation soon!

Thank you for reading and welcome!