Cabana Cafe


Just completed this little graphic for the #TrendBoardChallenge ran over on Instagram by Zoe Wodarz. This is my response to her first board, Cabana Cafe which you can see on the right.

Inspired by hot, summer hues, vintage type and linear natural elements. It’s nice to do something different from the day to day from time to time!

Thanks for the challenge Zoe!


Retro Cycling Logo


Something a little different… my dad wanted a logo for his cycling jersey when he takes part in a retro cycling event in France next month!

Retro colours and of course go faster stripes was all it needed! I sketched up a little cycling jersey CAD too.



Pet Portraits



At the end of last year I did a series of pet portraits to raise money for local animal charities including the N.A.W.T.

I set myself the challenge of drawing a new animal each day. It was fun, but hard work and needless to say I didn’t manage to stick to drawing one a day, but it was really fun and I enjoyed it!

This ginger cat and little grey rabbit are two examples that I did.