Gylly Adventures

A new brand identity for the outdoor experience company Gylly Adventures, created back in 2014. Initially I presented the client with three options, from which one was chosen and developed further. 

Lisa Claire Stewart Gylly Adventures Logo Design.png


The roundel was designed to represent the locations of the activities that Gylly Adventure offer; the water and the cliffs. The typography linked in with the existing cafe branding but with ADVENTURES highlighted in capitals to really stand out.

Lisa Claire Stewart Logo Design.png

unused concept

With the logo above I explored a more playful approach, experimenting with typography and subjects that you find at Gylly such as the seagulls!

Lisa Claire Stewart Logo Design_1.png

unused concept

Again with this option I experimented with the typography, looking at how the words might fill a square space. I really loved the simplicity of this design.